Poi - 2016

Sometimes things seem to appear out of nowhere. It's one of those fascinations about photography. Things cannot always be planned - weather, light, the person you photograph. Henry Cartier-Bresson, a photographer who inspired me a lot in my early days, wrote a book about that magical momentum in photography: "The Decisive Moment".
When I was working as an assistant for Gudrun-Holde Ordner in Heidelberg, a great portrait photographer and artist, I always wondered about those magical moment she caught on camera. 
On this day in late summer of 2016, I was sitting with some friends on my balkony having a barbeque. Out of a sudden this lady appeared doing poi on the rooftop. Then this ballon appeared and the sun was going down. So I had to grab my camera quickly, climbed on the rooftop and asked her, if I can photograph her while she was doing her poi. Luckily she was ok with that.